Recapturing Garnished Funds (Merry Christmas!)

Posted By on Dec 19, 2016

Today is a good day.

When funds are garnished from my client’s wages within the 90 days immediately preceding the bankruptcy filing, then I can “claw back” those funds and recapture them for my client. Nothing makes me happier than recapturing garnished or levied funds for my clients.

Today I received a check for $437 for my clients. We filed back in September but the creditor’s attorney had not turned over the funds. After contacting the creditor attorney for the 3rd time, I received the check in the mail. I called my clients & asked them to come by my office and “surprise!!” I gave them the check. They smiled & tears welled up in the lady’s eyes as I said Merry Christmas!!

This is why I do this. This right here.
Merry Christmas.