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5 Bankruptcy Myths Dispelled

Posted By on Jun 14, 2016

Here is an article written by Sean Pyles  that first appeared on Nerdwallet,com on .June 7, 2016  It’s a pretty good article and I suggest you give it a read.  A link to the original article is at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Kim ********************************************* 5 Bankruptcy Myths Dispelled — Sean Pyles Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy isn’t pleasant or simple. It can be easy to get tangled up...

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CREDIT UNIONS & CROSS COLLATERALIZATION CLAUSES Around here, we have an awful lot of hometown credit unions. Credit unions often offer lower interest rates on loans and other benefits for their members. I have been a member of a local credit union most of my life but until I started practicing bankruptcy law, I never knew about “cross-collateralization” or even imagined that it was something commonly done at credit unions &...

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